Driscoll Health System was embarking on a major expansion with the construction of the new Driscoll Children’s Hospital in the Rio Grande Valley. This new location would serve as the RGV’s first freestanding children’s hospital to better serve the families of South Texas.
MDR developed a go-to-market strategy to include three phases: a teaser buildup, and rollout and recruitment campaigns. The 360-degree marketing plan and creative campaign set them up for long-term brand awareness and success in the region.
The campaign kicked off with teaser messaging to build excitement, letting the region know that Driscoll Health System wasn’t just building a hospital, they were building something special – hope. 
The next phase of the campaign rollout highlighted the confidence, pride and optimism that comes with being a leader in children’s healthcare, and what that access would mean for the community. 


Building community excitement around the new hospital was only the beginning. MDR was also challenged with attracting and recruiting hundreds of medical and administrative staff to fill over 450 open positions in the hospital. 
We developed a recruitment campaign to seamlessly blend with the new campaign message and give potential applicants a sense of empowerment. This digital-heavy campaign targeted highly specialized doctors, nurses and staff from all over the state, inviting the most skilled professionals to ‘bring it’. 


MDR designed and developed a microsite to promote the culture, benefits and house all current job openings. The site also allowed for connectivity to their third-party hiring platform for maximum trackability on ad campaign performance and ROI. 


Throughout any marketing campaign, we find new ways to bring the brand to life. For Driscoll, it can be as simple as the wink of an eye in the logo, or a carefully crafted headline. These details go a long way to tell a brand story, creating a meaningful experience when families need it the most. You know that when your child is under the care of Driscoll, every detail is considered, from diagnosis to recovery. 


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