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When something works, you keep it.

That’s why we’ve kept the same principles for the last four+ decades. And it’s why our clients hang around. MDR is founded upon partnerships that stick and ideas that work. So, while our office has grown and some faces have changed—our story hasn’t.

Focused on the basics.

Founded on the simplest of principles.

“Most agencies go after the next big account. We prefer to build it.”

- Stephen Rybak, Principal


Years Innovating


Average Partnership


Average ROI

Lauren Clayton

Media Director

Stephen Rybak

Principal & CCO

Jackie Swonke

Creative Director

Nancy Zuniga

Account Strategist

Sara Antonetz

Digital Director

Sherry Robeson

Marketing & Brand Innovation

Ross Hoyt

Account Executive

Holly Osborn

Senior Vice President

Rebecca Neblett

Account Strategist

Quinton Smithwick

Social Media Specialist

Ruth Hirsch

Senior Copywriter

Debra Estrada


Ramon Patlan

Motion/Sound Designer

Sara Kilsby

Senior Art Director

Bradley Platz

Production Manager/Designer

Alyssa Garza


Fred Dotts


David Repasky

Senior Web Developer

Jenna ward

Accounting Manager

Mo Morehead


Work that wins.

Culture that never quits.

After decades of attracting top talent who are experts in their craft, you begin to realize you must be doing something right. We’ve created a culture that celebrates differences, encourages collaboration and thrives on delivering results. A culture that breeds success and an energy that bonds lasting relationships with our clients.
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