As the 5th largest credit union in Texas, NavyArmy Community Credit Union had outgrown its cherished but misleading name. In an effort to evolve and innovate in order to make sure their services were available to all members of the community, they enlisted MDR to undergo a 3-year process to refresh their brand in a way that didn’t forget their past but would take them well into the future. That process involved a brand study, decks and decks of research, employee engagement, regional and national focus groups and a team of many to create the next chapter in this incredible institution’s story.


The concept behind this logo mark is merging three elements: the ribbon—a tie to our military roots, the forward arrow—a nod to our former branding symbol, and the “R” from Rally.


In addition to the corporate brand identity, MDR developed a system for internal marketing geared towards boosting staff morale and encouraging teams to fully embrace and live the brand.


Membership Growth


Auto Lender in So. Texas


Largest CU in Texas