Advantage, youth–that’s what it’s all about. Tennis Success is an organization that teaches kids healthy eating, study and exercise habits. Through the fun of tennis, they help to mentor disadvantaged youth by improving educational achievement and graduation rates among kids with socioeconomic barriers. MDR created a brand and look that’s both empowering and youthful and just plain badass. Because every kid deserves the best shot.

Showing different variations of the Tennis Success website (as developed by MDR) on an iMac, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone.
Showing an array of brochures and pamphlets designed by MDR for Tennis Success.
Showing the official Tennis Success water bottle designed by MDR.
Showing a Tennis Success branded tennis racket designed by MDR.
Showing Tennis Success branded backpacks and homework folders designed by MDR.
Showing a neon yellow hat with the Tennis Success logo, designed by MDR.
Showing branding created for Tennis Success by MDR displayed on a child's t-shirt. The shirt itself is neon yellow and features a dark blue logo.
Showing the Tennis Success Instagram featuring branding created by MDR.
Showing a full page ad in a magazine for Tennis Success that was designed by MDR.
Showing a Tennis Success advertisement featuring the MDR designed branding displayed on a bus stop.
Showing a yellow banner featuring the Tennis Success branding as designed by MDR.