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Taking nostalgia to the next level


Star Furniture is a Texas icon. With over 100 years of styles and sales under your belt, Star can evoke the kind of nostalgia newer online retailers just can’t match. But in an age of dwindling customer loyalty and overwhelming options, it’s vital to keep up with traditional competitors and meet digital competitors on their turf.

That’s where MDR comes in.

We want to take the same spark that has made you a leader for nearly 110 years and apply that to your full digital marketing strategy. This means:

Embracing your core identity
Encouraging new ways to tell your story
Creating an emotional connection with customers
Deploying the right tools to foster engagement
We’ve only begun to scratch the surface of success with your social media—let’s see what we can do when we take things to the next level.
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Strategy & Tactics

Our media team has purchased $100 million+ in media for our clients. We have the expertise, the training and the tools to deploy the latest and most effective media tactics to reach your goals. 

Planning & Purchasing

Precision is what makes every pixel perform every step of the way. Once we have the strategy in place we create a laser-focused plan to reach your most fruitful consumers. 

Reporting & Analytics

We’re fanatics for results. Our robust reporting and analytics dashboard along with our arsenal of analysts are what demonstrate real return on investment.


We don’t respond to every proposal request that comes our way. But when an opportunity aligns so perfectly with our abilities and our teams already work so well together, we jump at the chance. 
We believe media and creative strategy go hand in handworking in tandem to create a truly cohesive experience for consumers. Our creative experts will become an extension of your in-house team to produce premium content and an omni channel approach that moves merchandise. 
Here’s a glimpse at some of our recent client work and what this “RFP” means to us. 

We know retail

The selected work below may look great (we did that), but it was our digital media strategy and tactics that drove numbers, traffic and ultimately sales.
We know how to convert.