No one understands the power of a cooperative and supporting local quite like the good folks at the Farmers Market. That’s why we partnered our client, NEC Co-op Energy, with the Downtown Farmers Market. The weekly event attracts hundreds to the waterfront to enjoy live music, food trucks and locally sourced foods. It also happens to be a perfect setting for NEC to reach it’s most-likely future members.

Showing the farmer's market.
Showing seed packets with the Farmer's Market branding.
Showing a light pole with a banner featuring the Downtown Farmer's Market logo.
Showing two canvas bags with the Farmer's Market logo.
Showing some kids at the farmer's market.
Showing a little girl holding the Farmer's Market veggie voucher.
Showing a washable tattoo of a watermelon slice on a young girl's face.
Showing a canvas shopping bag featuring the Farmer's Market logo.
Showing a flag with the Farmers Market branding.