As agency of record for over 10 years, we were able to increase hotel/motel tax collections by 156% for the Port Aransas Chamber and Tourist Bureau. This outpaced all other competing Texas coastal destinations during the same time frame, many of which had larger budgets. Below is a rebrand exploration that was requested shortly before Hurricane Harvey hit. While that unforeseen event shifted the city’s focus, we still thought it was a fun campaign that captured the charm and attitude of the little town regulars like to call Port A.

Showing the Port Aransas logo painted on the side of a wooden building. Logo by MDR.
Showing two different versions of the Port Aransas logo created by MDR.
Showing the color palette created for Port Aransas' brand. Designed by MDR.
When you’re in Port Aransas, you’re in a different place. A different state of mind. We call it “the Island Life”. What does that mean? Well, it’s a lot of things. That’s what makes it so special. It’s a little funky, a little gritty. It’s a little casual, but also a little classy. Let’s just say it has its own little attitude. One might wonder, how can one little island have so much to offer? We’ll tell you: it has a lot of character, a lot of stories and it’s filled with folks who have a whole lot of love for it.
Showing a full page magazine ad promoting Port Aransas as designed by MDR.
Showing a full page magazine ad promoting Port Aransas as designed by MDR.
Showing two different billboard designs highlighting Port Aransas. Designed by MDR.
Showing a man going paddle boarding with his dog. Designed by MDR.
Showing an older couple having fun on the beach. Created by MDR.
Showing two women making a sandcastle in the shape of a unicorn in the sand.


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When Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast, it uprooted so many lives and forever changed the landscape of our beloved town of Port Aransas. But they were determined to come roaring back, so we proposed cooperative efforts with two recognizable Texas brands. One synonymous with fueling road warriors and the other with quenching the thirst of beach goers. The idea was that a portion of proceeds would go towards relief efforts as the town began to rebuild and reclaim its spot as a top destination.
Showing a Shiner beer can with a summer themed design. Designed by MDR.
Showing an orange t-shirt with the inscription "I love Port Aransas" as created by MDR.
Showing a gas pump ad for Port Aransas developed by MDR.