Kemah, Texas is known for its nostalgic, waterfront boardwalk and a long history rooted in boating culture. But it lacked a true visitor focused identity that captured that fun and excitement. With a wide array of activities that go beyond the boardwalk, the city has so much more to offer visitors. They just needed to tell their story. MDR created a brand identity that’s light, fun and inclusive. One that will not just serve as a marketing tool but also enhance civic pride from within.
Kemah has been and will forever be connected to the water and the wind. It’s boating culture and walkable waterfront, even down to the name Kemah meaning “wind in the face”. Inspired by the international communication system of nautical flags, we developed our own versions. Each one capturing an idea or activity that makes Kemah unique and communicates it in an instant much like the nautical flags do for passing boats.
The result is a series of interchangeable logos that appeal to different audiences. There’s one geared toward nature lovers, one for boaters and one for thrill seekers. The logo is as unique as Kemah.


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