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New campaign makes history!

The retail electric cooperative continues to expand its member base

2019 is off to a great start for NEC Co-op Energy as they posted some of their best first quarter numbers ever. For decades, the non-for-profit retail electric cooperative has grown and expanded its reach and influence across South Texas. They’ve consistently offered members and communities competitive rates as well as honest and simple pricing that’s easy to understand. That’s especially enticing in Texas’ uber-competitive retail electric market. Now, NEC is bringing more people into their community.

Over the 1stquarter of 2019, NEC Co-op Energy member enrollment increased by 30%, a big growth from the 1stquarter of 2018. Additionally, over the 1stquarter, the average cost per new customer fell by 20%, the member gain far exceeded member loss, and the number of new users on NEC Co-op’s website increased by 41.83%.

Some of this growth can be attributed to the brand strategy and tactics the co-op has embraced. They work with Texas-based marketing and advertising agency MDR to reach new potential customers and continue their steady growth. Stephen Rybak, Principal & Chief Creative Officer at MDR commented on the numbers: “NEC’s growth is exciting and proves that consumers are looking for an honest and straightforward deal when it comes to their electric provider.”

In an ever-evolving media landscape, clients are becoming more difficult to reach, but NEC Co-op’s growth proves that the high-quality services of an agency like MDR pay off. “We’ve been their advertising and media partner for the past 15+ years and it’s nice knowing that good branding, creative and a strong media strategy always win out with consumers,” said Rybak.