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MDR Honored with Three 2024 Aster Awards
for Driscoll Children’s Hospital Campaigns

MDR has been awarded three prestigious 2024 Aster Awards for their exceptional work with Driscoll Children’s Hospital. The accolades recognize two impactful campaigns launched in conjunction with the new market rollout in the Rio Grande Valley.

The first campaign, titled “Bringing It,” was a recruitment drive aimed at filling 500 medical positions for Driscoll’s new state-of-the-art freestanding hospital in southern Texas. The campaign successfully attracted talent from across the region and state, ensuring the hospital was fully staffed with nurses, administrative personnel, and specialty doctors in time for its grand opening in 2024.

The second campaign, “We’re Getting Ready,” focused on building the Driscoll brand as construction on the new hospital progressed. This campaign highlighted some of the hospital’s remarkable achievements, including the successful separation of conjoined twins. The powerful messages underscored the life-saving capabilities that would soon be accessible to residents of the Rio Grande Valley.

About The Aster Awards

Established in 2002, The Aster Awards Program stands out as the nation’s most elite competition in healthcare advertising. It includes the most comprehensive groups and categories, dedicated to recognizing the exceptional talents of healthcare marketing professionals in advertising, marketing, and communications.