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New Google Search Ad features

Add Images to your Google Search Ads

Google has made a series of changes this year around Google Ads. Some were great (delayed death of the cookie) and others left us wondering where Google was going with this (sunsetting +modified +broad +match terms). Earlier this year though, Google started slowly rolling out image extensions. A few of our search accounts were lucky to get early access and we were quick to take advantage. This feature is now available to all Google Search accounts in eligible verticals, but we’ve seen few if any advertisers in our markets implement this new feature. Which if we are being honest is fine by us.

How Image Extensions Work

Image extensions appear alongside your headline, page description, and URL on the Google search results page. Advertisers can upload images to be used, assign them to specific campaigns or ad groups, or have Google crawl your website or social media pages for images. Pretty easy!

The Results:

In the first 30 days of implementing the image extensions, we saw a 31% increase in click-through rate for Casa del Mar Beachfront Suites and a 24% increase in click-through Rate for Hogan Homes.

What’s next for Google Search?

Google recently announced that starting June 30, 2022, it will no longer support edits to Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) and new ads cannot be created. However, Google will continue to serve current ETAs and send performance reports. Stay tuned as we learn more.

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