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A short but sweet update from your friends at MDR 

Project Highlights

A Little Taste of What’s to Come  

There’s nothing like a cup of hot coffee, freshly baked bread—and a cozy, inviting brand to go with it. The newest addition to the Water Street family, Central Kitchen, is the heartbeat of the restaurants’ operations that will soon offer baked goods, sandwiches, and beyond to downtown Corpus Christi. MDR created a brand featuring warm, refined design elements including a new logo, color palette and website to elevate every part of the customer experience.  

Get a taste of the full brand here. 

A Look Inside

We Build Balance With Ambition

MDR operates under an important set of core values that support our mission and unique culture. As we approach the end of summer, we celebrate one of our personal favorites: Balance. Stay steady to be ready. We believe great work should not compete with great life quality; we strive for both. 

Team MDR has promoted and demonstrated work/life balance with a 40+ year tradition of taking an annual Mental Health Day, and this Fall, we’ll have our first ever all-company retreat in Port Aransas.  

Get a glimpse at what balance and play looks like for our growing team of talent: 

Isn’t This Cool?

Current Status: Permanent Vacay – Bidding Farewell to a Legend

After 43 years of loyal account service, a true legend of MDR, Holly Osborn, has bid her final farewell.  Thanks to all who came to show your love at her epic retirement party—you best believe the MDR team was there in full force to give thanks, praise and an even a song about all the happy years!  

You can find Holly on Instagram @hollyfro as we live vicariously through all her adventures yet to come. 

MDR Office Closed For Upcoming Holiday

We’ll be living out our core values on Friday, 9/2 for MDR Mental Health Day and Monday, 9/5 for Labor Day.

We’ll be back Tuesday, 9/6.