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Stephen Rybak Highlights Branding Best Practices at AAF Branding Roundtable

Stephen Rybak, MDR’s Principal and Chief Creative Officer, was recently invited to speak at the AAF presentation on brandinghosted at the Bay Jewel, and facilitated by Larry Tucker from the Goodway Group. Rybak was also joined by Emily Zertuche of  Visit Corpus Christi, and Lorette Williams of  Del Mar College. Stephen shared insights on how we build brands with ambition, along with examples of our award-winning (and client-adored) workAnd, not to brag, but we had plenty to choose from. 

Throughout our almost 50-year history, we’ve improved the look and feel of some of the most recognizable companies in Corpus Christi and around Texas. As a regionally recognized Texas ad agency, we’ve been in the mix for some of the biggest projects in the region—and we’re not slowing down any time soon.

One shining example: The presentation highlighted featured the work we’ve recently completed for the City of Kemah, turning their dated branding into something colorful, fun, and modern. It’s all centered around nautical flags, telling the visual story of Kemah’s endless offerings, while reinforcing this special city’s connection to the land, sea and sky.

Showing the Kemah, TX campaign logos created using nautical flags.

You can see the concept applied to a wall mural, bringing vibrant pops of color and a punchy tagline to encapsulate all the excitement that can be found within the City of Kemah.  

Showing the Kemah, TX wall mural with a girl walking in front of it.

Couldn’t make it to the presentation? No worries. Here’s a bit more on our branding philosophy here at MDR:

How Does MDR Define Branding? 

At MDR, we see your brand doing more than just representing your image. Your brand is an expression of your company’s heart and soul. It’s a feeling you communicate to your customers, and if done right, it helps make them feel positive and welcome when they interact with your company. The right branding can help set you apart from your competitors, and make your customers feel good about doing business with you. 

An outstanding branding strategy creates a connection with your customers, so they not only will want your products or servicesthey’ll also want to take home merch with your logo. It’s where art and design meets the marketplace, and MDR is one of the best advertising agencies in Texas that specialize in branding and rebranding. 

What is Rebranding? 

Rebranding is the process of changing not only a company logo or website, but also overhauling the entire look and feel of every visual touchpoint. We’ll develop a new color palette, update the fonts, develop custom iconography, and only once that’s approved will we start to overhaul your image. From there, we’re poised to revamp  change your website, business cards, store signage–everything. Rebranding is more than just a refresh. It’s a process that can have a huge improvement on your bottom line and create a sizable ROI.  

Why Choose MDR for Rebranding? 

MDR offers the perfect fusion of creative talent and analytical skill to make your vision a reality. Selfishly, it’s some of our favorite work to do (and we think that love shines through). We produce work that updates your image with modern design stylesall built with current best practices in mindgiving you that warm and welcoming image needed to best connect with today’s consumers.  

Reach out to us today, to see how we can help you reach your goals and take your business to the next level.