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At MDR, we’re big fans of integrating digital marketing with traditional strategies, but in this article, we’re highlighting some of the benefits you’ll get from digital campaigns. If numbers are important to you, digital marketing has many advantages you should incorporate into your marketing strategy ASAP.

Advantage #1: You’ll Get a Lot of Excellent Data

Every digital marketing campaign includes a massive amount of helpful data. You can see which users visited your sites, how long they stayed, what they did after clicking on your ad, and other insightful details. From these interactions, you can learn more about how to optimize your digital experiences for the maximum impact.

When you go the route of purchasing a traditional ad on a newspaper, buying a billboard, or doing a media buy, you’ll be able to know size of the audience your ad reached. How many newspapers went out? How many people were watching TV when your ad was shown?

Data like that provides a starting point that you can corroborate with your website or other digital media to see what the impact of that ad spend was. When it comes to digital marketing, you get the added benefit of seeing exactly how your advertising dollars were spent, and the impact to your bottom line. With a traditional ad, you can get similar data, but it won’t be as extensive as what you can glean from digital ad campaign activity.

Advantage #2: You’ll Reach Customers Closer to the Bottom of the Funnel

There’s a series of steps that people go through before making the decision to make a purchase. These steps are part of what’s known as the “sales funnel”. Your message to customers will differ depending on where they are in the purchase process.

Once your customers are engaging with your brand online, you can assume they’re warming up to making a purchase. Digital marketing can provide the boost your customers need to choose your brand over a competitor and turn research into a conversion.

Advantage #3: Digital Marketing Has a Lower Cost-Per-Impression

When you buy an ad using traditional media, you pay a lot for the exposure. Whether it’s a media buy or a billboard, there are a lot of costs that goes into those strategies. Digital advertising has its own costs too, but the amount you’ll need to pay to get in the door is a lot lower, depending on which route you take.

For example, on a pay-per-click campaign, you could pay as little as 50 cents for a click through to your website. If your website or landing page does a good job of guiding the user to making their final purchase, you’ve acquired the business for less cost than you would if you went with a more traditional approach.

What makes digital marketing important for businesses?

In our digital society, a good digital campaign can reach people in ways you never could before. Here’s a checklist to consider before you dive in and create your first campaign:

  • Is your website optimized to convert? Or does it need work?
  • Do you have enough data about your customers and how they interact with your website? Have you studied your Google Analytics data?
  • Do you have a budget in mind?
  • Have you clearly defined your goals?

These are all things you should consider before you start any digital marketing campaign. If you hire a full-service marketing agency like MDR, we can help you answer these questions and guide you with a campaign that will maximize your ad spend and set you up for success.